May 09, 2009

Water of Leith 1st 16 vs Colinton

Well it is a Friday night and we have been out in the League again tonight, third game and as a rink we won, yayy, we managed to win by 3 shots, we were struggling to stay in the game until the last few ends when we managed to make it past the opposition. The team were 3 rinks up one down, however they had a better shot difference in the one rink up so the final score was 3-2 to Currie.

We have now played 3 won 2 and have 8 points from a possible 15, not a terrible start but we must get better if we want to challenge.

Anyway better go on that short note as i have the first round of the Geddes trophy, a singles competition see how i get on in that i do feel that I am getting better as the games progress but i must be careful and concentrate.

10am on Saturday We will see how this goes.

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