May 18, 2009

Pain, the first part of making a change

I was at the dentist today, this is the first treatment I have had in about 7 years. I did not have a problem with Dentists just moved a couple of times and then never did anything when i moved, just lazy. I decided it was time to bring my life to some sort of order, i have been working on my debt and credit cards, cleaning up my finances and looking into my health. My teeth hurt so i thought about getting that sorted first.

I was there last week, i needed 1 filling and a new crown (lost it about 5 years ago) so the work started today and man I am in pain, the numbness sucks as a whole, the work itself was fine however my gums have been drilled to hell and the ache makes me feel terrible.

But i go back on Friday the 29th and my teeth will be fixed and all for the lovely price of £418.00, so while I have now got to the position of sorting my Teeth, my finances are again screwed, life goes in circles.

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