May 18, 2009

Bowling Update, week commencing 09/05/09

Have decided to update the Bowling on a weekly basis rather than after every game, as I can play quite a few and do not want to bore anybody that may be interested in reading these posts.

Saturday 09/05/09 - Geddes Round 1
The Geddes is a singles competition first to score 21 shots, I won 21-17 a good competitive game, i was in a commanding position half way through and then my opponent pulled it back and it was a close finish. Round 2 has to be played by 08/06/09

Wednesday 13/05/09 (Afternoon) - Championship Round 1
The championship is the premier singles competition in the club, the winner of the competition gets, their name on the honours board where it will stay forever. I won the first round, I was never really winning the game but i dominated the last 3 ends and managed to win 21-16, my opponent had 2 bad ens which allowed me to card 4's at the 3rd last and last ends to sneak the win. the second round has to be played by 08/06/09

Wednesday 13/05/09 (Evening) - Water of Leith 1st 16
Forth league match of the season and we lost again, as a rink we have only won 1 of our first 4 games, we have played quite well but not good enough to win. As a team we got beat 3-2 and currently sitting mid table, we must do better. Next game vs Juniper Green 20/05/09

Thursday 14/05/09 - Edinburgh & Leith Bowling Association (ELBA) Rink Prelim Round
We qualified for this competition as we were beaten in the final of the club competition. There are 6 rounds and we went out in the first round. We were drawn against Portobello at Fountain Brewery, the green was terrible very difficult but we managed to scrape through by getting a shot at the last end and we made it through to the next end. the next round is played on Thursday 21/05/09

Friday 15/05/09 - West of Edinburgh 2nd 16
Second league match of the season for the second league we are part of. We won the match as a team 6-3, as a rink we lost by 2 shots, however this was probably my best performance from a personal level and yet we still lost. Always good to play well but would have been nice to pull off a victory from this performance, next game 22/05/09

Well until I have played next week's games.

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