May 27, 2011

Water of Leith first sixteen

I got to skip this week as my skip was on holiday. After a first end which I burnt we ended up 4 down and then we managed to get ourselves a head it came down to the last end.

We were a head with 3 ends to go and lost a big end to go behind with 2 ends to go. Lying a single shot I managed to draw a brilliant shot to get a 2 so we were level going into the final end.

My front end who had been fantastic all night decided that the last end was to much for them and had the worst end of the night. So playing the last end with my 2 bowls to go o was 4 shots down and boom I managed to draw an almost perfect shot so we managed to win by 1 shot.

The club lost 4-1 so while good that I won not good for the club, we are yet to win as a club this season.

Pairs 1st round

I played the first round of the club pairs with my long term partner Derek, we came up against past winners Tam and Sammy, we played really well with a start turn by Derek.

We managed to win by 14 shots and did not need to play the last end, so onwards to the next round.

May 22, 2011


Played my second round tour this morning and I made it difficult for myself. I was well behind to begin with and had to come back with some good bowls to win the game but I managed to.

I am now in the third round and play Colin Anderson by early June there are no easy games from here.

May 21, 2011


I am through the first round when I beat Brian Telford 21-13. I played quite well but Brian stated that he was terrible that day but still I am through which is the main thing. Play the second round on Sunday the 22nd of May against Tony Caird, see how that goes.


So I can part from my phone soo wondering if I should post small updates from my life.

I am back bowling outdoors so could start posting updates on that, would anyone want to hear about that?

We wil have to see how I get on with that as I am loving the swype technology on my phone and could get used to this will just have to proof read my posts.