February 03, 2009

Thank You

This is a note to thank everybody for their kind words and thoughts on the passing of my Mum.

To all those who commented on my Blog and passed their thoughts via twitter, the 120 cards we have received and the nearly 200 people that came to the funeral service. It is amazing the feeling when you see all of these people come to remember someone you love and to be with you in your time of grief.

The line up while hard, to stand there with people you know and don't know coming towards you and giving you their thoughts and yet if I had to do it again I would, it makes you appreciate however you feel about people or yourselves you very rarely really know how well you or others are regarded.

My Mum always worried she was misunderstood, she could not be bothered with fools and could be harsh when required but never nasty. Boyfriends and girlfriends of my sister and I never met her standards and they always seemed to dis-like her, but then what person can match the expectations of a mother for her children. But on Saturday she would have seen that she was well respected by friends, family and old work colleagues, she would have seen that all of her family were very well supported by their friends and old and current work colleagues. She will have seen that while she is gone her friends and family are not alone.

The last thing this has made me appreciate is that for others in their time of grief I am not as good as I could be, I will endeavour to be as supportive to others as they have been to me and my family.


  1. I am so glad you took the positive aspects of the funeral away with you. Your family must be proud to have such a thoughful person in their midst.

  2. And now the healing can begin. May she rest in peace, and may you begin to filter out the last few weeks and focus only on the good memories of your mom.