February 28, 2009


I decided because 2009 has sucked royally for me so far, so I want a quick review before I put it all behind me.

21/01/09 As previously posted my Mum passed away.
24/01/09 My friends gave birth to a baby girl Isla.
04/02/09 Our wee dog Staffa went to the vet and never came home, she was 15 but still a sad loss.
12/02/09 My sister found out that she had a miscarriage.

So there you go a 3 week spell of hell in our family.

A period of time like this in your life teaches you many things about yourselves and others.

Myself - I have discovered that mentally and emotionally I am strong, some might say hard but more like composed, I have adapted and while not happy with the situation have come to realise that you have to play the cards that life throws at you.

Friends - I always thought of my self as not popular but well liked, I have to say when you have a period of time like I have had you really get an understanding of how you are perceived by others around you. I have to say that I have been blown away by my friends and work colleagues, the cards the phone calls and the flowers are so touching and while they do not actually change anything, they do let you appreciate that people are thinking of you in your time of grief.

Anyway that is my year so far, I originally started this blog to talk about things and not so much about my family and what happened to us, but there you go.

So hopefully as I have ended this year by reviewing it, so happy 2010 everybody and here is hoping it is a better year.

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