March 21, 2009

Social Networking

What is social networking, too me it is meeting new people in a social situation, meeting people that you may speak to in the future. To me this makes me think, Pubs, Parties and through sports, either playing or watching. The media and majority of people seem to think that the only real way to socially network is online, through the Major sites, My Space, Face Book, Bebo, twitter and online Forums (Simply Syndicated FTW.)

Now I do not have a problem with these sites I actively twitter and have had all the other sites at one time or another and i have to be honest and say that I have met a lot of excellent people through twitter and Simply Syndicated. however the biggest problem i have with this id the fact that the media are pushing these as terrible things from one point of view and the greatest thing in another.

While the sites themselves used in moderation are a fantastic thing and should be used properly to get the most out of but they should not be used as the only way of meeting people or communicating with people.

I think that as long as it is not the only socialising you do then online social networking sites can be good for you, just remember what they were designed for and use them correctly.

On a final note and the main reason i only use twitter and online forums is the fact that the front pages become so overloaded with apps and you get bombarded with friend requests from people trying to build their friend levels, see who can have the most friends for no reason than the number and contact from ladies wanting your money. Also the fact that people follow or friend request so they can sell you something, what is the point if you have something i want i will find you or you can drop me a note and ask if i want to buy rather than just the random requests.

So in conclusion not for me on the grander scale but good for those that enjoy them.

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