January 19, 2009

The Police - my views

This is my thoughts on the Police, the arm of the government not the band, I don't like the band particularly. The Police on the other hand I quite like them and I think the real issues are the public and the bureaucracy that they have to deal with.

I was thinking about this today on the way home from work, in and around Edinburgh we have the Greenways, they are lanes of traffic for Public transport and you cannot drive in them at certain times of the day, I am sure there are examples of this all over the world. The rules are that unless you are a bus or Taxi you cannot drive in them at certain times. I pulled up behind a Police car tonight and it was funny as there were people that were going to drive past until they saw the police car and then they pulled in. What it showed me was that people are willing to break the law until they see the keepers of the law. And as I have been caught it was really good to see somebody get pulled over when they rushed past, if everybody waited then we would all wait for less time, supposedly.

I have had my fair share of run In's with the police and in all honesty I deserved what I got (basically just driving offences). Anyway my thoughts are that if we all behaved the Police would be able to take more consideration. The problem we have that as humans we always think that rules are there to make our lives harder and that if we can we will try and break them, I know I do. Anyway I know so many people that complain about the police and think they are out to get them.

I do think that the rules are made to make both the police and the people suffer. People feel the rules are wrong so break them, the police are then left with nothing to do but arrest those people, even if they don't agree with the rules themselves.

The best example on British television of seeing the Police in action is Road Wars and Street Wars, you totally feel for the officers some times as people are so stupid. Things like seat belts and mobiles while driving, there for your safety but people insist on not following those guidelines, they then kick off when the police stop them. There have been a few issues on these shows regarding violence, however the police do not know what people will do so have to act fast and make sure that nobody gets hurt.

Anyway this has been a bit rambling and is just a few thoughts on the Police.

Any comments appreciated Andrew.

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  1. I have known many cops, and most of them are truly good people who want to make the world a better place. Granted there are a small minority who, at some point in their lives, made a choice between prison or a badge, but they are few and far between. I could never do what the police do, or put up with what they have to, and it's nice to see someone posting a positive message about them for a change. :-)