January 17, 2009

First Post

Decided to start blogging and thought even if nobody reads it, and if you do, feedback greatly appreciated, that I could record my thoughts for myself.

They may be ramblings and they may not make much sense and it is also a very good opportunity for me to rant.

When I thought about writing this 3 hours ago away from my computer i thought I had a lot to say, now sitting here I cannot think of anything to say.

Anyway the thoughts i wanted o record usually happen in the Sauna at the Gym, I love the gym, well i love the pool, anyway I spend time in the Sauna which is beside the pool. Sauna's are great totally recommend them to anybody. From a health perspective if you have been in the gym the heat get's into the muscles and ease the tension. The feeling is like going in to a hot climate but the knowledge that you can cool down easily. The rush and the pressure if you can then brave the plunge pool or the clod shower, this opens the pores and gets the heart racing.

I love the fact that you can sit in the sauna and cleanse the body by sweating the crap from the system and down time to think and contemplate. There are also the people you can meet and talk too when in there.

So if you are ever in the Sauna and a big red head speaks to you have a chat it might be me.

1 comment:

  1. If you ever see someone who looks like me in your sauna, I suggest running and perhaps a bit of screaming. ;-)

    Welcome to the Blogosphere. :-)