June 28, 2010

Slimmer of the Year Application

Okay so i don't like my application i hate talking about myself and struggle to blow my own trumpet. Here is my application for the Scottish Slimmer of the year award. I really don't know what to think I want the success and the recognition of my hard work. But if my class manager was not so keen for me to go for it I would never think to apply myself, I need to be reassured that it is worth going for.

So would really appreciate any thoughts anybody has to say on the application. It is not just about losing weight, it is how has the weight loss improved your life, have you become more active and have you inspired anybody else with your success.

This is simply my first draft that I am sending to my class manager tomorrow for her thoughts, it has to be submitted by 9th July, all comments greatly appreciated.

Slimmer of the Year Application

I have been over weight since I was a teenager, I joined my first Scottish Slimmer class when I was 19 when my Mum took me along, I have no idea how heavy I was back then all I remember is that in my first week I lost 9lbs. In the following 12 years I have rejoined and usually lost 2 stone and then given up.

This year I woke up on the 2nd of January hung-over and I looked in the mirror, I was disgusted with what I saw and decided that I was going to try again and lose weight. I rejoined on 11th January with Morag who I have worked with before and had success with. I weighed in at almost my heaviest ever at 21 stone 1lb.

I have stayed on the diet religiously with exceptional support from my Dad, he is helping by organising breakfasts for both of us and he has been making free soup in large batches for me to take as lunches. He has also lost weight and has reached his target weight with a loss of 2 stone 5.5lbs.

My success this year has been fantastic, I have used sport as exercise to help me maintain my weight loss, but have really stepped it up as the weight has come off. I now play five a side football every Monday, I have found that my energy levels have really picked up with the weight loss and that allows me to last the full hour. I am playing Squash a couple of times a month and again as the weight has come off I am lasting the length of the game and have really found my mobility around the court has greatly improved in the last few months. I am a bowler and losing the inches has allowed me to improve at that. Even though it is not an energetic game I am feeling better even through games that are lasting 3 hours, also I can bend to pick the bowls up without putting pressure on my lungs.

My biggest success through the weight loss was a sponsored run over the weekend of 5th and 6th of June where I ran 1 mile in each of the 12 SPL football grounds, we did 5 laps of each pitch. It was physically exhausting but I know that had I attempted this with the 4 stone I had lost by then there is no way I could have completed it, as I just would not have been physically able to keep going.

My life has totally changed since I started losing weight in March at 3 stone off I was asked out for a drink by a girl that was unaware of my weight loss endeavours, without the success I would never have agreed to meet her and now we are very happily together as a couple and things are going really well.

Part of my routine and as a motivation to myself to keep going with the weight loss I have been posting weekly updates on Twitter and Facebook, the comments I have been getting back have been brilliant and they have kept me going. There are many comments that include the fact that people are willing to give it a go based upon my success. At work I have been getting comments and questions about my success this has lead a few people to start trying and to keep going because they are trying to emulate me. This has also resulted in a friend from work now joining Scottish Slimmers after years of being overweight as he has seen my success and would like to try and get some for himself.

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