June 29, 2010

Second draft of my application

I have now received some support in completing my application and it is basically the same story but with better structure and more flowery wordings.

Again any comments greatly appreciated.

Slimmer of the Year Application

I have been over weight since I was a teenager, it stems from my first paper-round when I’d buy a bag of chips on the way round and then still go home and have my tea, this habit then developed into a bag of chips on the way home from a night out drinking. I knew I was over weight but being quite tall always convinced myself I ‘carried it well’. I’ve been coming to Scottish Slimmers on and off since my first class at 19 when I chummed my Mum. I don’t remember what I weighed, but I remember losing 9lbs in my first week. The trouble with such a big loss at the start was that the novelty wore off as the weight loss reduced to 2 or 3lbs in a week so over the next 12 years I have been a recurring member – joining, losing about 2 stone, leaving, putting the weight back on…

Having turned 30 in 2008 and following a very difficult year personally in 2009, I woke up on the 2nd of January 2010 hung-over and disgusted with myself. I decided there and then that life is too short and this would be the year I would take action. I went to a Scottish Slimmers class on 11th January run by Morag who I already knew from previous weight loss attempts, I was almost the heaviest I’d ever been at 21 stone 1lb.

I’m fortunate enough to live with my Dad who enjoys cooking and has provided me with exceptional support. We plan our meals together and he prepares most of our meals – trying out different recipes and an approach that really helped was making free soup in large batches for me to take to work for lunch. This has resulted in my Dad losing 2 stone 5.5lbs and reaching his own target weight.

I was an active child and have always enjoyed sports although recently it was more watching than participating. I have used exercise to help me maintain my weight loss, and am now noticing a difference in my performance and have found that my energy levels have really picked up due to the weight loss. I have started playing five a side football weekly and squash fortnightly. I am a grass bowler and losing the inches has allowed me to improve at that - I can bend to pick the bowls up without putting pressure on my lungs. My biggest physical achievement so far has been a sponsored run in June where I ran 1 mile (5 laps) in each of the 12 SPL football grounds. It was physically exhausting but I know that had I attempted this carrying the 4 stone I had lost by then there is no way I could have completed it - in fact I wouldn’t have had the confidence to take part.

I have been posting weekly updates on Twitter and Facebook regarding my weight loss, which has resulted in some really motivational feedback from family and friends. Not only has it kept me focussed, I have inspired other people to take action, which has given me a huge boost and enabled us to develop a network of support.

The biggest change on my life has been due to the increased confidence due to the weight loss which has enabled me to put myself out there more and take more risks without being afraid of the consequences. I had been single for a number of years following a long term relationship and had not really contemplated dating however, in March I met up with an old friend for a drink and, due to my increased confidence this has developed into a relationship.

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