April 12, 2009

Strange dream

Just woke up it is 3.40 am and i had the strangest dream and i wanted to blog it, man this getting addictive to me, anyway the dream.

I was in a giant hotel and was with a woman, we were just out the shower and then something was said that upset me and i took a gun and went and shot a man in cold blood, this did not feel weird i had no emotion about this at this point. Then the woman came back and i told her what i had done, she slapped me and told me nobody messes with her boyfriend, she was then with somebody else in front of me so i shot him in the head as well.

I then spent the next part of the dream meeting senators and solicitors who were going to try and help me get off with it but i wanted to face the position i was in. Then i was out of the hotel in a silk dressing gown with a towel wrapped around me and i was running away with another girl, different girl, brunette the first girl was a blond, none of this felt weird to me.

Before leaving the hotel my Friends Mum is having a birthday party which is taking over the hotel there are guests i know mainly women walking about in dresses and carrying plates of buffet food and in the midst of this the impact of what i was doing starts to hit me. So many people telling me that they will help me if required and friends from school and before telling me not to worry and they will meet me in the pub later. There are many rooms including a poker table set up I also spent an awful lot of time hiding in my God Son's bedroom trying to not make too much noise so nobody would find me, but he wanted to play all the loudest games.

I then meet the families of the people I have shot and this is hard to bear but I know that i must face what i have done. then an older woman comes through the door and it is raining on her and she has a plastic wrap around her head to keep the rain off, as she un-does it i realise it is my Mum and i know i want to hug her, safest place in the world Mum's arms she will make it all okay, my mum is no longer here however this does not feel weird or throw me from the dream, my Mum tells me it will be alright i believe her but do not know how she can be correct. I then followed her through the hotel it was now 6am and they were preparing for breakfast and my Mum kept eating miniature cakes off of the platters that were being cleared away.

The girl with the towel got me to a dark alley street on a bend and a hill, thinking about it I think it is Dunfermline, Scotland. A convoy of vans come around the corner and stop and the sides open up and there are giant dancing puppets in the side of them and there is a song playing and they are dancing away. next thing my best friend in the world is coming around the corner at the head of a parade of cub scouts all hitting each other with rolled up posters and arm in arm I dance at the head of the parade with my friend, still technically guilty of double murder knowing i will be punished but now is not the time to worry about these things. We meet my Friend whose wife was having the party and he is like you cannot go through there it is a shopping mall which is closed but we say no and he runs ahead of us and loses his shoe.

Next we come out of the mall and i am alone it is early morning the streets are wet and I have the odd notion of a conversation of one of the managers at work leaving a message for somebody who he has failed to meet with saying that the money he has cannot be used for what she wants they usually reserve it for something ( he said a German name which has gone) but i got the feeling it was something regarding advertising on the back ground of films, in the sets. I then had the strangest memory of having been in that location before but could not identify if it was Glasgow or London and I started to panic but had the strangest feeling of de ja vu.

Nothing has made me not feel so correct in this dream until the end where I can see to the top of a building where Caprica Six and Sharron from BSG are having to escape, they have to connect to each other and roll down a human ladder and near the bottom they are caught and Sharron is stuck and the guy who caught her says something that he is allowed to do as he has caught her and hanging upside down she is helpless. Caprica Six hangs back I do not feel i am in the scene and this is when I realise i am on occupied Caprica and this then shows me it is weird and I wake up.

Morale, too much drink and BSG before bed, means even the worst dreams will go weird eventually, I woke up so convinced in what I had done in the beginning of the dream was real and i felt such guilt over it, one reason i could not murder or cheat on a girl friend, could not live with myself. Anyway here is the strange ramblings of my dream world, just felt a compulsion to write it down at 4 am for the world to read. This is the most detail i can remember about any dream and while it is very all over the place I did have the utmost feeling that it was all one story. If anybody has any thoughts on what it means, let me know.

Happy Easter everybody that reads this.

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