April 08, 2009


I have been pondering what to post in the last few days and I do not like doing reviews. Books I usually miss the obvious and films I either like or do not like. TV shows again are difficult especially half way through and then again I am either like or do not like. So a review....not likely, but I am currently enjoying BSG and enjoyed Madagascar 2 my reviews end.

I have recently realised I am a geek, or had it pointed out to me I am a nerd, unsure what is worse (or better). I have decided while I love Nerd Hurdles (check the podcast one of the best) that geek sounds better.

What is Geekdom, Geekiness or being a geek, until a few months or even weeks ago I would say a skinny guy with glasses (usually broken) with an interest in Computers. How wrong am I a Geek is somebody with an interest they take seriously and by seriously I mean to what others might consider extreme.

And why am I a geek? I take too many things too seriously I have my over large DVD collection Alphabetised and on a full and almost complete spreadsheet. I follow 151 people on twitter and listen to somewhere in the region of 30 pod casts and have 50 to listen to with over 1500 to catch up on. This is why I have been pointed out as a geek and i accept this.

Is there anything wrong with being a geek? I say of course not, our extremes are self contained we seek out like minded geeks and communicate and complain about the outside world but we have very few "real" friends (geeks will get that.) I say we keep to ourselves and in all honestly if we united and moved against the "normals" we would out number them. However too many Geeks do not recognise what they are. Come out we are here to be friendly to you (unless you are normal).

Anyway I think that everybody who reads this is probably a geek anyway (you are reading a Blog after all.) So preaching to the converted but please pass comment if you think the same or if I am totally wrong.

Speaking to you soon Andrew.


  1. Most blokes in the country follow football and in my opinion, if you know all the players stats and how much they sold for, then you are a geek. It doesn't have to be about Sci-Fi. You are a Geek if you love football, but try calling a footie fan a geek and see where it gets you