December 05, 2011

Car Issues

So 5 years ago I bought a brand new Fiat Punto and on the 20th December I get to pay an extra 50% on my monthly payment so that the car will finally be mine. My plan was to keep the car for another couple of years and save the £160 a month, however in April I figured this out, what hapened?

Well in July my Dad was driving my car randomly, he had his own and it worked fine and he ran into the front of another car, there did not appear to be to much damage so he settled with the other driver for their damage, however there was more damage than first thought. I gave my Dad a hard time and then sitting at the lights some tube ran into the back of me, being in a hurry I looked at it and did not think there was any damage so let him go, kicking myself for that one. There is now front and rear damage to the under carriage but there is no issue it is cosmetic plastics that are broken.

So anyway it was due an MOT and I took it to my mechanic who is a friend and the springs are gone, the rear suspension is leaking and the oil tank has sprung a leak, the headlight needs to be replaced and I need 2 new front tires, with a service and MOT the cost was going to be over £700 but I thought well it will be road worthy and safe to drive for at least a year so a good investment. It was due to go in to the garage on Saturday Morning for the most pressing stuff to be completed. Sitting at the lights I glanced up and saw a dark shape in the mirror then bang I was rear-ended again in almost the same position as last ime just pointing in the other direction.

This time however I took their details and was on the phone to the insurance company in the morning, however on my way to the garage KRUNK my car died on me, it would appear that a pipe has gone and
it caused my engine to overheat and blow the cylinder gasket head has gone. So here I am sitting having had to take a day off work to get my car collected and a courtesy car dropped off. Hopefully the insurance from the person that hit me will cover all of the damage to the rear and the engine issue. Apparently the recovery driver that picked me and the car up on Saturday does not think that it was caused by the impact but we will just have to see, could be another £300, so in all it could cost me £1,000 just before Christmas, the joys of being a car owner.

Overall though I have to say to this point that I have been helped greatly by the insurance company who were happy to help and listen, my bank account that supplied the free recovery service and the recovery driver that got me home in time that I could catch the bus and still get to the Football (which was not worth it). So overall it has not been a great weekend for me.

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