August 05, 2010

Semi Final

As an update to my recent application for the Scottish Slimmer's Slimmer of the year award in association with the News of the World, I have been selected as a Semi-Finalist and have been invited to an event in Glasgow in a couple of weeks. It is all very exciting and in being selected it has made me consider what it actually means if I was to win anything in this competition, my competitive nature makes me want to win it all.

So what am I being rewarded for, losing weight encouraging and inspiring others to make a change to their lifestyle and improve their health. This is the ethos behind the award and it is all very well, but I look at where I had to be to actually want to make that change. I was sitting at 21 stone or 295lbs in weight I was unhealthy and to perfectly honest disgusted with myself and well done to me for deciding that I needed to make a change, however whose fault was It I was there? Well that would be mine, I am man enough to accept that I was the person that ate and drank myself into the state I was in. So what am I being rewarded for if I win? Well getting myself into a state where I was putting myself at risk and then deciding that I needed to change.

What I have achieved is as surprising to me as it is to anybody else, I have turned my life around this year starting with the changes to my diet and health regime and I applaud myself with everybody else, however what about the people that did not make the mistakes I made to get myself in to the state I was in? I suppose it is human nature that we are in a position in society where we reward those people that make the changes in their lives, even though 9 out of 10 times it is their own fault. I applaud everybody that chooses to change their lifestyle and make a change to their lives for the better however the true winners are the people that do not need to be in a state to make that change and to them with envy I applaud them even more.

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